Japan Market Access  -  Your Trusted Advisor in Japan

Thomas Consultants International Co., Ltd. is your trusted advisor in Japan. With over 30 years' experience in Japan, count on us to bring the best information and resources together to support your expansion into the Japanese market.

Market Research and Intelligence

At Thomas Consultants, first we listen and learn your business. Once we know what you do and what you want to accomplish in Japan, then do our work to bring you the knowledge of the Japanese market in your product or service area and how to get things done.  With our professional network, we can ask the right questions to the right people to create market reports that give you the information you need for success, and the people you need to work with to move forward. 

Business design, set-up and registration

Business cannot succeed without a proper plan.  Once we have created the market report, then we work with you to help design the most effective means to bring your product or service to the Japanese market.  We provide advice and assistance in office location, set-up and registration and have expert translation and interpreting services, to make sure the communication is clear and smooth with all parties.

Team building: legal, accounting, sales

A successful business requires specialized resources and teamwork.  Using the right professionals in Japan will save time and money and get things done properly.  We will tap into our deep network of legal, financial, intellectual property, and sales contacts to ensure you get the expertise you need.

Costs for all our services are designed to be as transparent as possible.  Accurate estimates or precise quotations will be provided for your approval before any services are performed.
Consulting Time Charges
Our advisory services are provided on a time-charge basis, calculated based on the time required, multiplied by the rate of the person delivering the services.
Translation is charged based on a rate per page of 200 English words or 400 Japanese characters of the original document. The rate per page depends on the quantity, as discounts are provided for larger quantities.
Expenses and Taxes
Necessary expenses, such as for transportation, are charged at actual cost. Applicable taxes will also be charged.
Charges for Japanese Professionals
The hiring of Japanese professionals such as lawyers, patent attorneys, and accountants, will be done directly between the client and the professional office. 
Thomas Consultants International does not receive any remuneration or "kickbacks" from the members of our network introduced to you.  They are selected only for quality, reliability, and expertise.

Our prices

A retainer and electronic bank transfer are necessary for all payments to ensure transparency and accountability.